Etienne Gros


Etienne GROS, artist painter, France

This artist paints torsos, powerful in color and volume, yet vulnerable in their ‘body language’, they look like sculptures, which arise from the material on the canvas. Often anonymous, always expressive, forearms embracing while offering their protection, the back parties back clenched, each painting suggests the fascinating facets of creativity of the artist, his paintings of large format accentuating the monumental aspect.
In addition to his painting technique (acrylic on canvas), the artist has developed a unique approach, by applying the smoke of lamp oil draw torsos. With this technique, extremely difficult and unpredictable in terms of the final result, he creates volumes, contrasts in light and shadow, resulting in an almost magical atmosphere, which is released from these unique drawings.
And he also creates three-dimensional twisted torsos, which he presents in a Plexiglas box. The material he uses is absolutely remarquable: mousse polyester. This is a creator in the true sense of the word, offering originality and technical creativity.

Etienne GROS is born in Saint Dié des Vosges, France on March 20, 1962. Hij lives and paints in Ile de France, France

Artistic education:
From 1981 till 1986 he joins the following art academies: les Beaux-Arts d’Epinal, les Beaux Arts de Versailles et les Beaux Arts de Paris

Etienne GROS presents his paintings in several art galleries in his home country, as well as in New York, Santa  Fé (New Mexico), the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Exhibitions ART14:
- Classic-Event 2015, Kortrijk, Belgium
- Solo exhibition from March 28 - May 10, 2015
- Art Nocturne Knocke, Knokke, Belgium, 2013
- Expo November 8 till December 15, 2013
- Expo April 21 till the of June, 2012


egros monografie art14 brugge

'Etienne Gros', 100 pages full colour edition, including a biography of the artist, text in English and in French, edited in 2010

Selling price : 40 euro




egros fumees art14 brugge'Les fumées', brand new collection of what the artist calls 'smoke drawings'. He uses the the smoke of the flame of a paraffin lamp to trace random patterns on sheets of white paper: the end result is pure magic. Text in English and in French, edited in 2013

Selling price : 35 euro