Jacek Hazuka


Jacek Hazuka, artist painter, Poland

Soft light of autumn mornings, silver reflections of the wet road, city fog, ... : the sensations of the casual passer-by, the traveller sipping a beer on a terrace, the cyclist or the car driver absorbed in the traffic.
The universe of the city, capted with poetry, painted with a surprising palette on the edge of abstraction.

His portraits 'Looks and Lyrics' reveal the same unsuspected poetry.

Jacek Hazuka was born in Tarnow, Poland in 1959, where he also started his artistic education.

Artistic education:
He graduated from Secondary School of Art in Tarnow, Kielce and 'Kenar' School in Zacopane (1974 - 1980).
He studied at the Academy of Art in Kracow, but decided to leave in 1981 and moved to Belgium in Liège. Then he moved on to Paris where he opened his art atelier in Lille. He also created his own private artistic school of drawings and paintings in Arras. In 2014 his intention is to move back to Poland.