Jan Pater


Jan PATER, sculptor, Netherlands

Jan PATER is an artist with passion. He generally sculpts without a model. The stone is his guide; the artist follows this in an intuitive way, nevertheless knowing exactly what he wants to achieve.
The artist is fascinated by the dynamics and the energy of the torso in movement. This inspires the artist to sculpture the bodies in endless variations. The result is sometimes more, sometimes less figurative. The torsos, so different one from the other, demonstrate the scale of experience of this artist, so typically ‘Jan Pater’.
About ten years ago, the artist was invited by the foundation Utopa to go and sculpt in Studio SEm in Pietrasanta (Italy).Since then he alternately works in Italy and in the Netherlands.
He works with stones such as granite, marble, onyx and travertine. The complexity and richness in colours of these precious materials create an extra dimension. He also makes bronzes, works with metal and lead and occasionally carves in wood. Enormous power as well as elegance radiates from his creations.
The patine of the bronze sculptures is close to perfection.
His creations can be seen at exhibitions and galleries in Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway

Jan Pater is born in 1950 in Heerhugowaard in the Netherlands.

Artistic education:
To a large extent Jan Pater is an auto-didact. It is in 2000 that he takes the decision to dedicate all his energy to develop his artistic talent.
The invitation in 2003 by Utopa to join the Studio Sem in Italy presented a boost in his artistic develeopment.

Jan PATER exposes on a permanent basis in Belgium, the Netherlands and in Norway.

CLASSIC-EVENT 2015, ART14, Kortrijk, Belgium
October 14 - December 16, 2012: solo exhibition at ART14



monografie pater art14

Monography 'Jan Pater',
Selling price: 35 Euro, Dutch text is translated in English.
Publisher Benecke  BV., Amsterdam (NL), ISBN 978 90 73637 87 0