Jeff Robb


Jeff ROBB, art photographer, UK

Jeff Robb realizes a unique lenticular vision, constantly defying the laws of gravity with a persistant exploration into the mysteries of time and space.
A sense of kaleidoscopic animation creates vibrating patterns and stunning optical structures so each unique work reveals energy and dynamism, ultimately evolving into a melodic metaphor for questioning human existance in our contemporary society.

Jeff Robb is born in Derbyshire, UK in 1965. He  lives and works in London, UK

Artistic education:
Royal College of Art, Master degree in Fine Art Holography with distinction in 1991 - 1992
Darwin scholar at the Royal College of Art, extra year of study 1992-1993

Collections (selection):
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK
Getty Museum, Los Angeles, USA
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA
Museum of the Third Dimension, Washington, USA
Her Royal Highness Princess Firyal of Jordan
SAM Museum, Osaka, Japan