Jesús Curiá


Jesús Curiá, sculptor, Spain

“Throughout modern history, the natural elegance of people from non-European cultures, inspired artists.
Jesús Curiá, while he has a western background and culture, has a pronounced interest in African and Asian cultures. This has lead him to the idea that in the long range future all the races will -in the end- melt into one. This ideal is one of the drivers of his oeuvre.
The sculptures of Jesús Curiá combine the figurative treatment of heads and hands with the abstract nature given to bodies. This is how he manages to focus the attention of the viewer on specific parts while viewing the piece as a whole.”

Excerpts and adaptation of the text written by Don Antonio Salcedo Miliani,Art Profesor at the University Rovira y Virgili (Barcelona. Spain) and Art Critic.

Jesús Curiá was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1969

Artistic education:
Jesús Curiá graduated in 1992 from the Fine Arts College of Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

Exhibitions (summary past 3 years) :
CLASSIC-EVENT, ART14, Kortrijk, België
ART CHICAGO. Ann Nathan Gallery. Chicago. U.S.A.
SOFA. The Annual International Exhibition of sculpture objects & funtional art, Chicago, U.S.A
INTERNATIONAL ART EXPO , Kuala Lumpur, Malasia.
AAF, London, UK.
ST-ART, Strassbourg, France
ARTMADRID, Madrid, Spain
Lineart, Ghent, Belgium

Jesús Curiá, 2013, B-17-550-2013
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