Lieven Demunter


Lieven Demunter, Belgian artist

Clay, plaster, wax, bronze are the materials with which Lieven creates his personal universe, sculpture after sculpture: human beings and affable animals. He constantly experiments with shapes and movements in his quest for personal harmony. He thereby knows perfectly to integrate his 15 years experience into his artistic language of images

"To see, to try to understand, an ongoing curiosity, and re-creating and editing, all this characterizes my creations ... they help me further on the way, a quest without end"

Demunter Lieven is a Belgian artist.He was born in Courtrai in 1962.

As a child Lieven makes all kinds of figures in clay. What originally began as a play of a young boy takes an entirely different dimension with  the birth of his son:  Lieven creates his first art sculpture as a symbol to  permanently capture this unique moment.
He most probably never realized that  this event - now 18 years ago – was the starting point of a never-ending creativity and evolution as an artist.