Mark Swysen


Mark Swysen, visual artist, Belgium

Mark Swysen’s work is a reflection on human behavior : men’s motivation and how people deal with their individual life, their peers and the world they live in.
The artist avoids anecdote and tilt the issues to a philosophical level, looking for the underlying structures. With poetic or surreal hints, often also with humour the artist wants to encourage the spectator' s imagination to think beyond the object.

In a search for the subtle balance between visual stimulus and meaningfullness of the content,  the repertoire of resources is inexhaustible: any material, object, sound or symbol can be recycled in Mark's language of images.

Mark Swysen is born in Hasselt in 1965 (Belgium). He lives and works in Antwerp.


Master in biological Sciences
Master in Art & Reserach.


Kassel (DE), Alte Brüderkirche: 'Dachverband'
Enschede (NL), Twente Biennial: 'Metamorph', international art biennial
Havana (Cuba), Havana Biennial: proyecto escena', international art biennal
Herne (DE, Flottmann-Hallen: 'I21st: der ankünftigen Abschied des Abenlandes?', solo museum show
Rotterdam (NL): Fenixloods: 'no walls expo', in situ group project

Essen (DE), Welterbe Zollverein: 'Contemporary Art Ruhr Positionen Skulptur  &Installation
Ieper (BE), Biënnale Open Sites: 'Sporen', international in situ group show
Dresden (DE), Ostragehege, Zentrum fur zeitgenössische Kunst: 'Ostrale 2014, annual contemporary art festival
Koksijde (BE), Platform voor Aktuele Kunst, Abdijhoeve Ten Bogaerde: 'Ten Oorlog', in situ group show
Haute-Saône (FR), Château de Bougey: 'FiArt', international art festival
Herten (DE): Maschinenhalle Zeche Scherlebeck: 'eine Befragung des Konzeptes der Erbsunde', solo show

Havana (Cuba): Centro Hispano-Americano de Cultura: 'Utopiart 27', international group show
Antwerp - Liège (BE): Espace 251 Nord + NICC: 'Le Canal', group project
Aardenburg (NL): Sint-Baafs Abdijkerk: 'Embodiment', international group show
Essen (DE): Folkwang Universität der Künste, SANAA-Gebäude; Sonderausstellung, C.A.R. Positionen', innovative media art show
Wuppertal (DE): Neuer Kunstverein: 'moving art box', international group show

Brussel (BE) : Boudewijngebouw, Vlaamse gemeenschap: 'Utopiart 27'
Seoul (South-Korea), Zaha Museum, Centre for Contemporary Art: “Network”, international group show
Dresden (DE), Ostragehege, Zentrum fur zeitgenössische Kunst: "Ostrale 2012: homegrown", annual contemporary art festival
Lille (FR), Lac des Espagnols LaM: “Biennale Open sites Entre-Lacs 2012, international in situ group show

Delft (NL), ID11: “Investigates temporary versus permanent”, artist-in-residence
Rouen (FR),  DRAC de Haute-Normandie: "H²O", Cathédrale de Rouen au festival d'art contemporain  “Courant d’Art”
Essen (DE), Zollverein: Contemporary Art Ruhr "Sonderausstellung Belgium"

Brussel (BE), FeliXart Museum: "13.7" extra muros soloproject
Brussel (BE) , MMRK (Museum of Modern Religious Art): interventions in the collection
Gent (BE), Lineart: 'the Border', contemporary art zone, curator Joost Declercq (Museum MDD)