Milan Chabera


Milan Chabera, artist painter, Czech Republic

The vigourous line movements of Milan Chabera in the richly colourful or monochrome paintings and drawings catch the immediate attention of the viewer.
His paintings focus on contemporary themes and (his own) life experience.
Milan Chabera gained artistic appreciation well beyond the borders of his mother country. The critics describe his work as expressive figurative painting.
In Belgium ART14 is the first art gallery to show his work.

Milan Chabera was born in Prague, Czech Republic, in 1954. He currently lives and works in Prague.

Artistic  education:
1969 – 73 Václav Hollar Art School in Prague
1973 – 79 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, prof. Jan Smetana

The paintings of Milan Chabera can be admired regularly at international art fairs:
Art Madrid, Art Frankfurt, Art Strasbourg and Art Prague.

Artist Website:
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